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Leak Check your Pitots

March 11th, 2008 Posted in Methods

Leak checking pitots is an important and often overlooked portion of stack testing.  This is probably because of how maddening it can be getting the pitot lines to hold at least 3.5″ H2O pressure without blowing the oil all around the manometer.  Not to mention the risk of inhaling stack gas or burning yourself on a hot probe if you are trying to using gum rubber or less.  Instead, try a 10CC plastic syringe.

A piece of thick wall 1/2″ OD Tygon tubing is the perfect size to slip over the syringe and then then the pitot tips.  Use the plunger to draw vacuum on the negative side.  10CC is enough volume to pull the manometer down about 5″ H2O.  Pull the syringe off without pressing in the plunger.  Attach it to the positive leg of the pitot and you will apply the same amount of pressure on that leg.  This will make leak checking pitots a one man job and allow for troubleshooting while holding pressure.

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